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Omniglow StyLite, 2011 EMS World Innovation Award Winner

Omniglow is proud to announce that the StyLite® Illuminated Intubating Stylet has been selected by the editors of EMS WORLD magazine as a 2011 Innovation Award recipient.

"One of my favorite parts of the search for the top 20 products from EMS World EXPO is finding those products that feature solutions of elegant simplicity. The StyLite device from OmniGlow is one of those products."

Follow this link to read the full story: 2011 EMS World Innovation Awards

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For 15 years OMNIGLOW has produced medical-grade chemiluminescent devices for both diagnostic and clinical use and is the world's largest producer of chemiluminescent devices for medical applications. For 2011, OmniGlow introduces our latest device, the StyLite® Illuminated Intubating Stylet.

For use in Endotracheal Intubation Procedures, OmniGlow® StyLites® are immediately available in 14Fr . Emitting white light, they are the lowest priced Illuminated stylet available, providing 3 minutes of effective light. Individually packaged non-electric StyLites® have no batteries, and can be easily bent into shape as needed. They are non-toxic, sterile, and latex free.

Our state of the art GMP and ISO 9001 certified manufacturing environment produces high quality products that meet or exceed the strict regulations and requirements of the biomedical industry.